Folding Boxes

In our Printed Luxury Box world there is no reason why folding boxes cannot be classed as luxury packaging.

A rigid box with your bespoke design arrives flat and can be assembled in seconds. Our foldable rigid boxes deliver a fantastic storage solution for our clients, can be adapted for all brands and are available in a wide range of papers and finishes to meet your unique requirements.

We work with UK and European manufacturers which enables us to work even more closely with the client and print team to ensure your design really pops out amongst the rest.

Although this type of box is perceived as a cheaper alternative to rigid it often leans better to a stand out design which is really going to be distinctive on shelf. Designers are given a freer reign to create something spectacular and often include specific finishing techniques to enhance elements of the design.

Folding Carton also gives the opportunity to include a window giving the consumer the ability to have accessibility to the product. This is a design feature for folding cartons which works exceptionally well and can be utilised for nearly all designs.

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