Spot UV Varnishing

Spot UV is a clear shiny coating applied to specific areas of artwork creating an eye-catching contrast as well as adding a smooth touch for a luxurious feel. The “spot” part is important as it picks out a particular element of the design differentiating from the rest of the artwork.

Foil Block or Hot Foil Stamping

This process offers a metallic finish over fine and larger areas, foil blocking is typically used for logos, emphasising finer detail (coordinate details, locations etc) and small blocks of text. Foil Block draws attention and highlights the desired area to the consumer giving the brand that something different from all the rest.

To Emboss or To Deboss

Both techniques are used to either impress or depress images onto paper.

Embossing is a raised design and can have ink applied or foil block applied to add depth and impact to the area. It can also be left unprinted or unfoiled known as a blind emboss.

Debossing is the opposite technique causing a depression in the material leaving the debossed imprint in the area. The deboss can be filled with ink or left alone known as a blind deboss.

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